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MOXXOR combines the two most powerful all-natural supplements in their class - the preeminent Omega-3 extracted from the New Zealand greenlip mussel, and the most potent antioxidant, extracted from the New Zealand sauvignon blanc grape seed. Through a combination of ecological factors which occur nowhere else in the world, nature provides two products from the pristine Marlborough Sounds region which are combined to create MOXXOR, the essential lifestyle support supplement.

Research has shown omega-3s to be critical to joint, respiratory health, cardiovascular health, cholesterol, HDL and triglyceride levels. Omega-6s and other types of fats in our diets leave our cell membranes rich in precursors associated with inflammatory processes, which can lead to arthritis, asthma, heart disease, depression, and psoriasis. Scientific research indicates that we need to reduce omega-6s and increase omega-3s to improve our health.

MOXXOR includes a concentrate of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA's) extracted from Perna Canaliculus (the New Zealand greenlip mussel). The omega-3 fatty acids found in greenlip mussels are up to 200 times more effective than other omega-3 oils in the market. An essential component of Moxxor, these omega-3s are of such a high concentration and natural balance that it would take 150 capsules of salmon oil for example to equal just 1 capsule of MOXXOR.

Numerous studies have linked the omega-3s in greenlip mussels to measurable health benefits, including a study at the University of California which linked these omega-3s to reduced arthritic symptoms. (See Allerg Immunol (Paris), Sept. 2000;32(7):272-8). A 2003 study at the Yonsei Medical Clinic validated the clinical effectiveness of greenlip mussel extract given to patients with osteoarthritis. (See Allerg Immunol (Paris). June 2003;35(6):212-6.) For related studies visit our Articles and Research section.


MOXXOR Mussel Oil
75.0 Potency

Salmon Oil
0.50 Potency

Fish Oil
0.38 Potency

Evening Primrose Oil
0.32 Potency

Flax Oil
0.28 Potency

150 times more effective than Salmon Oil
197 times more effective than Fish Oil
234 times more effective than Evening Primrose Oil
267 times more effective than Flax Oil

An antioxidant is a biochemical that can neutralize harmful molecules in our bodies known as free radicals. Free radicals are produced during normal metabolism and cell function, as well as pollutants in our air, water and food, and have the ability to oxidize and damage our body's cells. It is for this reason that scientists believe that 5 to 8 servings per day of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables can benefit your health, but consuming this much on a daily basis can be a challenge at our modern pace of life.

The antioxidants found in MOXXOR comes from New Zealand's award winning Sauvignon blanc grapes, from the South Island of New Zealand where the unique atmospheric conditions cause the seed to have greater levels of super antioxidant OPC (oligomeric procyanidin compounds) than any known fruit or berry, and are free from genetically modified material, heavy metals, arsenic, toxins, and pesticides. A standard known as ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) is often used to compare the relative strength of antioxidants. The acai berry has received considerable attention as a naturally potent antioxidant in recent years, yet as you will see below, it rates significantly lower on the ORAC scale than the MOXXOR grape seed extract.


MOXXOR Grape Seed Extract - 1 gram
12,000 units/g

Acai Berry - 1 gram
3,800 units/g*

Mangosteen - 1 gram
3120 units/g*

Goji Berry - 1 gram
253 units/g*

Pomegranate - 1 gram
105 units/g*

3 times more effective than Acai Berry
3.8 times more effective than Mangosteen
47 times more effective than Goji Berry
114 times more effective than Pomegranate

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