Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Moxxor Testimonials!

"I've been taking Moxxor for 2 weeks now and have noticed some interesting personal findings. I've got some neuropathy from a herniated disc 8 years ago which as caused the bottom of my foot to go numb. Since taking Moxxor I've noticed a gradual decrease in the numbness and some feeling back. The only thing I have been doing was adding 4 capsules of Moxxor daily. How do I know I it was from the use of Moxxor? Because I tested not taking it for a weekend and my symptoms came back. I've been taking an excellent pure EPA-DHA supplement which cost $45/month and have always believed in this product. This I've sold to my patients and have been very happy with the results. I have found something superior and will be implementing this with all my patients. This is an essential supplement that everyone needs due to the poor nutrtion and the inflammatory environment we engage in as a society. Not only do I believe inflammatory pain disorders can be eased with this product, I believe that your heart, brain, and nervous system will function much better and there is a lot of research out there that supports this. If their is one supplement besides a multivitamin that I would highly recommend to people
to take it has to be Moxxor."

- Dr. Steve Edling D.C.

"I rolled my ankle about 6 weeks prior to taking Moxxor and since then I would wake up with it being a little stiff and needing a stretch. The first morning after being on Moxxor I woke up and I didn't need to stretch it out. I actually forgot to because it wasn't tight and didn't ache. Besides that, after being on it for a few weeks I have noticed many things improving. My hair and skin is shinier and my usual morning congestion is almost non existent. Last but not least, my anxiety levels are extremely low. I was presenting in front of over 200 people the other day and I didn't feel my usual nervousness."

-Mike Rowe

"I have suffered from psoriasis for 25 yrs. Along the years I have taken various over the counter meds and creams along with prescribed meds. I was determined to avoid medications and find natural solutions. I began taking good quality supplements, mainly focusing on fish oils and antioxidants. I usually purchased my supplements from chiropractic or other natural care doctors. A friend of mine introduced me to Moxxor a couple of weeks ago and I ordered it immediately as I recognized the quality of the product. I have already started seeing the difference!!! My psoriasis is healing! I have found a product for life!! Thank you!"

-FannieL, MN

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